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Why Choose Deborah Kates Fine Photography?

In today's world of Digital Photography, it seems that wedding & portrait photography is practiced by many, but only mastered by a few. For your everyday photos, you may be OK with a friend, relative, neighbor, or "discount" photographer. Many of these types of photographers may get lucky with a nice snapshot from time to time, but the mark of a true professional is to be able to capture stunning images repeatedly, and in any situation. When it comes to those once in a lifetime moments, like your wedding, when you only have one chance to get it right, you need to make sure you have the right person behind the camera - and that would be someone who is a skilled, trained professional. We have a track record of fine images and the demonstrated ability to produce those images anywhere in the world! It's the artistry of bringing the vision of your wedding day or portrait into reality; and it's the professionalism of our studio to help guide you through the entire process.

I am not a part time wedding photography business that is here today and gone tomorrow. I am a full time business with a permanent office & 2 fully equipped studios (one in Bismarck, ND and one in Sturgis, SD.) And, I have invested a tremendous amount of money in photographic and printing equipment to give my customers an unequaled quality - from image to framed print.

I know you have a choice. But there are several things that I think set me apart from that sea of photographers looking for your business:

- Most importantly, you will know who your photographer is. I DO NOT book weddings or other events and "assign" them to a staff photographer. Additionally, all editing/retouching/album building is done by me - not an outsourced service or staff editor.

- Consistency. At Deborah Kates Fine Photography - a fine art professional wedding and portrait photography studio, I know how to achieve great results every time. You will get a strong collection of timeless images that will that you will cherish for a lifetime - not just a few lucky snapshots.

- Technical Skills. As professional wedding photographer I am more than just picture taker, I am a student of art, lighting, and posing. I combine these elements along with your unique style to create works of art - art that you and your Family will cherish for generations to come.

- Unique Artistry. As a professional photographer, I have the skills to create unique creative works of art - not just cookie cutter pictures. I follow an artistic vision to capture your wedding or portrait as a collection of Art.

- Professionalism. Today, the photography industry demands that you not only be a good photographer but also a good business person. I know that professionalism is one of the keys to running a successful business. My job is to create stunning images for my clients - and that is my number one goal. Deborah Kates Fine Photography, Inc. is a studio that will be there for you now & for years to come.

- Equipment. My equipment is second to none. And, although fine equipment does not make you a better photographer, they are tools of the trade and I insist on using the best tools available. Good camera and lighting equipment is durable, reliable, and consistently produces top quality images. I have several top of the line DSLRs from Canon and Nikon along with all the professional quality lenses. This provides me with the right equipment when needed and gives me plenty of back up power if necessary. Back up equipment is critical and something many of the budget photographers do not have.

I further separate myself from other photographers by investing in digital medium format cameras and lenses from Hasselblad and Phase One. These are the finest digital cameras in the world and used throughout the high end fashion and magazine industry.

- Customer Service & Satisfaction. I strive to produce Images that will exceed your expectations. I know that photography will be one most important investments you'll make. It will be a keepsake you'll come back to time & time again; and it will be something to be treasured forever. That's why I strive to make images and provide service that go beyond your expectations.

Although just about anyone can take a good snapshot every now & then, when it comes to life's biggest moments with just one chance to make the capture, you shouldn't risk losing it forever. Photography from Deborah Kates Fine Photography, Inc. is an investment in an artistic record of you, your wedding, and your life's events.