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Why should I choose you over a studio that has multiple photographers?

A large studio with many photographers will assign a random person to shoot your session or wedding day. The style, personality, knowledge, and talent can vary greatly from one photographer to another, so you can never be sure of what the end result will be. A "boutique" studio such as ours has more consistency with the same photographer shooting and editing from start to finish. Studios that hire many different photographers are known for a higher turn over rate and are consistently changing who shoots for them. Our studio is owned by the same person who does the photography; consequently, we are more invested in each shoot and take greater care with your images.

How do I reserve you for a photo shoot?

As soon as we have decided on a date and time for our event or shoot, you can pay the required deposit and you will be officially booked!

How do you describe your shooting style?

We love candid moments and real emotions between the wonderful people we get to photograph. In our session, we focus on the interactions and try to give you as much space as possible, but of course also guide you if necessary. Standing in front of a camera is not an everyday occurrence, so we want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Do you provide digital negatives (RAW files) after the shoot?

You will be provided with edited images only. Each picture is carefully handled and will be a representation of our work. Be sure to look at our portfolio to make sure our work and style are a good match for you.

What is the difference between edited photos and retouched photos?

All final images are edited for color, saturation, exposure, and sharpness. This ensures that each images is, on it's own, the best it can be. For retouched images, we take things a step further by clearing up blemishes, smoothing the skin, and removing as much background clutter as possible. Retouching transforms great images into a pieces of art!

Do I get all the images you take?

We go through all images taken during a session and remove the obviously unusable ones in the first step. We also reduce the number of duplicates. This give you only the best of the best. With each package we guarantee a minimum number of images which come from the final collection.

What rights do I have with the digital images?

Many photographers make a big deal out of giving you "all the image rights" or the copyrights to the images. The fact is all these rights are completely unnecessary for personal use, unless you plan on reselling your images to somebody for some other use. Upon complete payment, all clients have printing rights and all the rights needed for personal use of their images for social media, sharing with family etc. Commercial use rights are not included unless agreed upon. The "copyright" always remains with the photographer but has no impact on your personal use.

How should we prepare for a portrait session?

Good mood is the most important thing. Make sure you have enough time to prepare beforehand so you are not stressed. Always wear comfortable clothes that fit the season and be open to venturing outside is necessary. With kids, it helps to bring something to drink and some treats to make it easy for them as well. We can go through specific questions regarding clothes beforehand to make sure you are well prepared.

Is there an addtional fee if we pay via credit card?

Yes. The retail adjustment fee for all credit card transactions is 3% of the amount charged.